La Vraie Chair

How far would you go to taste human flesh?

Now you don't need to ponder anymore, here at La Vraie Chair we give you an opportunity to easily taste yourself whether we taste like chicken or not.

It was like good, fully developed veal, not young, but not yet beef. It was very definitely like that, and it was not like any other meat I had ever tasted. It was so nearly like good, fully developed veal that I think no person with a palate of ordinary, normal sensitiveness could distinguish it from veal

William Buehler Seabrook

We know you are thinking about cannibalism and moral dilemmas stemming from eating the flesh of another human being. We assure you that no other human being will be harmed for your culinary pleasure: the meat you'll be eating comes from you. And that, by definition is not cannibalism.

Our in-house surgeon will remove a piece of your quadriceps femoris during an operation involving local anesthesia and our chefs will prepare your dish in a best possible way, au naturel, of course. We're sorry though that we can't serve your dish rare.

This is really an unique opportunity because we will let you have a taste only once. So you really should be prepared for your ultimate culinary experience.

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